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02-Jul-2017 14:30

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The start-ups’ business models will be refined through a series of workshops, panel discussions and coaching sessions on product and business development.At the end of this year’s program, five of the eight participants will be selected to present their concepts to potential investors and financial industry executives.Instead of a short profile, they give you a more detailed questionnaire to fill out.Then, it gets circulated amongst the group of Hong Kong singles who are in that speed dating session.As was the case last year, the ‘speed dating’ sessions gave the start-ups the opportunity to deliver elevator pitches to the financial institutions with whom we are partnering.I was impressed by the quality of the pitches and had the opportunity to discuss unique business models with each of the eight chosen companies.

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Most Hong Kong speed dating sites really aren’t any different than a regular dating site.

Zwischen den Gesprächen ist eine kurze Wartezeit bis zum Beginn des nächsten Gespräches eingeplant.

In September I had the privilege to meet with all of the chosen start-up participants in the Accenture Fin Tech Innovation Lab program in Hong Kong.

Betriebe können sich gleich ein Bild von der Persönlichkeit eines Interessenten machen und sind nicht nur auf dessen Bewerbungsunterlagen angewiesen.

Umgekehrt haben auch Bewerber die Chance, kleine Schwächen durch ihr Auftreten wieder gutzumachen.The way Hong Kong speed dating works is that you find a session you want to join.